Mechanical Me – Beachy Head (Bonobo Mix)

You may have heard Bonobo‘s new single, Cirrus, whose clip was created by Cyriak, the dude who made those strange videos pretty much everybody on the internet has seen, where cows do weird shit.


And to be perfectly honest, I’m just using this bit of news to introduce a song from 2002 (that was more than 10 years ago, as Death creeps ever closer) that I actually find better than Bonobo‘s new single : a remix on the song Beachy Head by Mechanical Me. The original is quite gloomy, and clearly not as good as the remix – or maybe the remix is just that awesome. I’ll let you judge for yourselves :



The song comes from an album called One Off Remixes & B- Sides, and if the remix you just heard is your kind of thing, I highly suggest you go and check the whole thing out. It notably features a quite interesting remix by Jon Kennedy (without the H, this one is still alive) of Bonobo‘s classic Dinosaurs ; if you’re bored, you can have fun comparing the two and trying to understand why the original is so intense and the remix so relaxing.


Buy the album on Amazon : Bonobo – One Offs Remixes And B Sides

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