Daft Punk’s New Song + Emmanuel Splice (Röyksopp) – Meatball

So Daft Punk released 15 seconds of what one might guess is a new song on Saturday Night Live the other day, and of course someone had to go and loop it for ten hours. Some even smarter human used a famous gif of a drunk Ron Swanson (the awesome character from the brilliant tv show Parks and Recreation) on top of that, intitled Daft Swanson:



If you’re feeling frustrated by the obviously too short fifteen seconds, might I suggest you listen to this Röyksopp song, which they released under the pseudonym of Emmanuel Splice (on their Back to Mine compilation) and sounds sort of similar to the new Daft Punk in its repetitive grooveness:



Listen to those brilliant lyrics. The Back To Mine compilation concept is awesome by the way, since the tracks are chosen by artists you like, the songs on them tend to be in your range of interest. Quite sneaky from Röyksopp to include one of their own tracks under a pseudonym, but hey, since it’s so good, we forgive them.

Buy the Back To Mine compilation by Röyksopp on Amazon and feel like a nice person !

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