Hugo Vincent ft. Keadz – To Be Good In

Who’s Hugo Vincent ? According to his Soundcloud, it could be the pseudonym of Theo Fernandez, half of Keadz, two French producers. Their soundcloud is filled with weird music that doesn’t have the same effect as this next song has on my ears though, so let’s just stick to that for now:



If you can’t understand French, the samples are some dude explaining things about philosophy, biology, maths, all that at what appears to be high school level. Part of the appeal of the song if you ask me!

2 thoughts on “Hugo Vincent ft. Keadz – To Be Good In

  1. Kikoomaster says:

    Yeeaaahhh! I want a review of an Ugly Duckling album!

  2. NoisNoise says:

    Yes, that’s definitely going to happen in the future!

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