Sarah Jarosz – Song Up In Her Head

2009 minus 1991, that’s… 18, right? Which means that Sarah Jarosz was 18 when she released Song Up In Her Head, her debut album. Who said there’s no more talent in kids these days? Ignorants, that’s who. Sarah plays the mandolin quite beautifully, not surprising since she’s been playing for almost ten years at the time the album was recorded, according to her bio. I really dig this title track, and it has grown on me even more after quite a few plays. It sounds more like bluegrass than anything else, although I guess you could call it folk or something extremely general, like “song” or even “music”. The album version wasn’t on YouTube (at least I could’t find it), so I took the liberty to put it on there:



If you like that (and you should if you’re human), definitely check out the acoustic (well, more acoustic, let’s call it sort of live) version she played for Music Fog, where it’s just her and her mandolin. Yes, the instrument she plays is bigger than you might think, but that’s because it’s actually an octave mandolin, which are therefore larger. For instance, you could also say that a pornstar has an octave penis. I don’t recommend it though.

What I recommend however is the rest of the album, and if you’re bored right now (or highly invested in this topic), go and listen to her cover of Shankill Butchers, a song originally by the brilliant Decemberists (listen to the original over here). I can’t tell which version I like best, which is weird because I usually have an opinion on that sort of stuff. They’re both amazing and horribly sad, considering the topic (yay murder!). And now I’m confused, because the Decemberists‘ version is spelled with two Hs (ShankHill) (on Amazon as well as on Youtube and the version I have myself) which is wrong, according to Wikipedia… It’s spelled correctly on Sarah Jarosz‘ album, so what happened there? Did she realize this and decide to correct the spelling for herself? Did she not notice and somehow got it right? Did something else happen? Does any of this matter at all? I guess not, so I’ll just stop writing now.

Be awesome and buy the album (Sarah Jarosz – Song Up In Her Head) on: iTunes or Amazon !

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