The Little Ones – Let Them Ring The Bells

Here’s a song I love: Let Them Ring The Bells by The Little Ones. It’s getting fairly old now (about 7 years old in fact), and the video on Youtube doesn’t have that much views. But I don’t forget. I never forget a good song. NEVER.



This track is so gay, marrying it with another gay song is illegal (well, in most countries at least). If there’s a better reason to be pro gay marriage, I don’t wanna know about it. On that note (hah!), the rest of the Sing Song EP where this tune comes from is perhaps as fabulous as it is good; check out Face The Facts for instance, or maybe High on a Hill if you wanna get better acquainted with The Little Ones. No penis joke.

Buy the Sing Song EP on Amazon or on iTunes! Why not?

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