The Snake The Cross The Crown – The Great American Smokeout

Damn it 2007, what happened to you? You used to exist! Anyway, The Great American Smokeout happens to be the second track on Cotton Teeth, an awesome album by The Snake The Cross The Crown:



If you’re wondering about their name, it is apparently “a reference to the logo of Italian car company, Alfa Romeo, where Kevin Jones’ [leader of the band] father owned a repair shop that burnt to the ground”, according to Wikipedia. I guess there are worse reasons to name your band than fire, so I’ll allow it. If you’re looking for more, might I suggest – from the same album – Gypsy Melodies, a great jam that ends up exploding all over your ears, and you won’t even be mad; moreover, the choruses on Electronic Dream Plant should make you happy, given you’re a reasonable person.


It’s worth it, so buy the album on Amazon or on iTunes!

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