One Self – Bluebird

I’m always amazed at my ability to miss songs, especially when it’s been years after they’ve come out. Logically, I should have heard the next one before, since the album it’s from was out in 2005 and it’s gotten quite the views on Youtube, but I haven’t – until yesterday, that is. One Self (not to be confused with Oneself) are signed on Ninja Tune, a label that never ceases to surprise me, and I actually had heard DJ Vadim before, one of the guys behind the band. Anyway, here’s a… classic, I guess? that you also might have missed:



I found the track thanks to Boycom (I wrote something about him over there) and his All Of These People Are Awesome Mix, which I highly recommend. The rest of Children of Possibility (the album where you can find Bluebird) is decent, but I’d rather listen to this song for an hour instead of the album, so I can’t say I really recommend it. One Self have a Soundcloud if you want to explore their sound further, though.

Buy that sweet tune on Amazon or on iTunes!

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