Pilotpriest – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Pilotpriest has some awesome artwork to illustrate his albums – as awesome as his music, in fact. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is a 25 tracks album (more than two hours!), and like most good space music produced today, it sounds like something from another time, a time when synthesizers were the new cool thing to play, and when electronic music didn’t even know it existed yet.



Original Motion Picture Soundtrack evokes old science fiction movies on VHS tapes – perhaps unsurprisingly, Body Double, the first tune of the album, was once mistaken for a new Daft Punk track, back when the Tron Legacy’s OST was the hot topic of the day. All in all, the album’s dark tone is somewhat contrasted by the presence of a few songs that could almost be called disco music, keeping the whole thing interesting from beginning to end. Oh, and I really love The Canyons, a bonus track that starts like a clich√© disco songs but evolves into something much more intense. This particular song reminds me of Ulrich Schnauss, a dude you should all know about.


You can buy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on Bandcamp for less than a dollar! Awesome beans!

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