Boycom – Who Needs ‘Em Anyway + (Almost Certainly Not) The Avalanches – New Track (From Four Years Ago)

This next song I found in strange circumstances. You see, some years ago somebody uploaded a song on Youtube supposedly from The Avalanches, one of the greatest bands that ever existed. If you haven’t heard of them, do yourself a favor and listen to Since I Left You, the whole album is on Youtube (it might not make an incredible impression on you at first, but I promise that every time you come back to it you’ll enjoy it some more). Anyway, the song below is certainly not from The Avalanches: they’ve never talked about it on their website (which is “taking a break” for the time being) and the upload never made much of a fuss:



That being said, if you’re a fan of The Avalanches, you might be intrigued by the above song, since it sounds very much like our beloved Australian group – because, well, it sounds good. Some parts don’t add up though (apart from the whole “not uploaded by them” thing): the most obvious being the very repetitive use of samples, since they usually mix them up and one song by The Avalanches can feature quite a lot of changes in pace and ambiance – which is not the case here. I’ve tried to gather as much info on the subject as I could, but the most logical explanation I can come up with is that the uploader, Boycom, is probably the author of the song. He even has a soundcloud! And… another one? And according to his Twitter he’s now named Almighty Planets – and isn’t alone on the stage? Oh boy. Well, nevertheless, this next song by him / them is good enough:



If you liked this, I recommend you listen to his track Kinda Crazy; as well as Let’s Do Lunch featured below (which is on free download), because it’s a hip-hop song about taking a lady to lunch and paying for it. When are you gonna hear something like that ever again?



And finally, if you’re a huge Avalanches fan, you can listen to those 51 seconds of music I stumbled upon that are probably from them, since this is a promotional video for Nevereverland, a festival organized by Modular Records where The Avalanches are signed. Also this new song from the next album – aaand the Sleepy Bedtime Mix on their official channel if you have somehow missed those. So much stuff to listen to!


Be cool and buy Who Needs ‘Em Anyway by Boycom on: iTunes, or / and Since I Left You by The Avalanches on Amazon or iTunes!

Parov Stelar Trio – The Invisible Girl – Album Teaser

The king of electroswing is back! Well, he’ll be in about ten days (22/03/2012 according to the internet), but you can listen to the teaser to Parov Stelar‘s new album below. I usually feel frustrated by teasers (which I guess is kind of the point), but this one lasts almost 15 minutes so we’ll make due:



You might have noticed that the name of the band is now Parov Stelar Trio (it used to be just Parov Stelar), which is an interesting addition; it shows how much the collaboration with his live artists (Jerry di Monza and Max the Sax) has become important over the years. Good on Marcus Füreder (Parov‘s real name), because his supporting band is really dynamite live and they deserve our looove.


(Pre) Buy the album on: iTunes or Amazon

Sarah Jarosz – Song Up In Her Head

2009 minus 1991, that’s… 18, right? Which means that Sarah Jarosz was 18 when she released Song Up In Her Head, her debut album. Who said there’s no more talent in kids these days? Ignorants, that’s who. Sarah plays the mandolin quite beautifully, not surprising since she’s been playing for almost ten years at the time the album was recorded, according to her bio. I really dig this title track, and it has grown on me even more after quite a few plays. It sounds more like bluegrass than anything else, although I guess you could call it folk or something extremely general, like “song” or even “music”. The album version wasn’t on YouTube (at least I could’t find it), so I took the liberty to put it on there:



If you like that (and you should if you’re human), definitely check out the acoustic (well, more acoustic, let’s call it sort of live) version she played for Music Fog, where it’s just her and her mandolin. Yes, the instrument she plays is bigger than you might think, but that’s because it’s actually an octave mandolin, which are therefore larger. For instance, you could also say that a pornstar has an octave penis. I don’t recommend it though.

What I recommend however is the rest of the album, and if you’re bored right now (or highly invested in this topic), go and listen to her cover of Shankill Butchers, a song originally by the brilliant Decemberists (listen to the original over here). I can’t tell which version I like best, which is weird because I usually have an opinion on that sort of stuff. They’re both amazing and horribly sad, considering the topic (yay murder!). And now I’m confused, because the Decemberists‘ version is spelled with two Hs (ShankHill) (on Amazon as well as on Youtube and the version I have myself) which is wrong, according to Wikipedia… It’s spelled correctly on Sarah Jarosz‘ album, so what happened there? Did she realize this and decide to correct the spelling for herself? Did she not notice and somehow got it right? Did something else happen? Does any of this matter at all? I guess not, so I’ll just stop writing now.

Be awesome and buy the album (Sarah Jarosz – Song Up In Her Head) on: iTunes or Amazon !

Hugo Vincent ft. Keadz – To Be Good In

Who’s Hugo Vincent ? According to his Soundcloud, it could be the pseudonym of Theo Fernandez, half of Keadz, two French producers. Their soundcloud is filled with weird music that doesn’t have the same effect as this next song has on my ears though, so let’s just stick to that for now:



If you can’t understand French, the samples are some dude explaining things about philosophy, biology, maths, all that at what appears to be high school level. Part of the appeal of the song if you ask me!

Alan Braxe – Moments In Time EP (Free Download)

Oh boy, I love Alan Braxe. Well, I love him with Fred Falke, because they’ve made great songs together. On his own, I haven’t heard much of his music; but here’s the time to change that, since he just released a free EP on the internets entitled Moments in Time, available over here. You’re gonna have to give your email address though, so to make sure you wanna do that, here’s a good song from the EP:



Delicious. Also listen to Le Crayon‘s remix of Time Machine on this very EP, great stuff.

Daft Punk’s New Song + Emmanuel Splice (Röyksopp) – Meatball

So Daft Punk released 15 seconds of what one might guess is a new song on Saturday Night Live the other day, and of course someone had to go and loop it for ten hours. Some even smarter human used a famous gif of a drunk Ron Swanson (the awesome character from the brilliant tv show Parks and Recreation) on top of that, intitled Daft Swanson:



If you’re feeling frustrated by the obviously too short fifteen seconds, might I suggest you listen to this Röyksopp song, which they released under the pseudonym of Emmanuel Splice (on their Back to Mine compilation) and sounds sort of similar to the new Daft Punk in its repetitive grooveness:



Listen to those brilliant lyrics. The Back To Mine compilation concept is awesome by the way, since the tracks are chosen by artists you like, the songs on them tend to be in your range of interest. Quite sneaky from Röyksopp to include one of their own tracks under a pseudonym, but hey, since it’s so good, we forgive them.

Buy the Back To Mine compilation by Röyksopp on Amazon and feel like a nice person !

Lemaitre – Relativity 3 EP

Pseudonyms can be confusing. Boys Noize is just one dude, Bonaparte are a whole band that has nothing to do with Napoleon, and Lemâitre (themaster in French) is not just one guy, but two dudes. Crazy. What’s crazier (slightly) is that the word master is spelled maître in French and not mâitre as you might see it on their Facebook for instance.

Nevermind all that though, because the music Ketil & Ulrik, the two Norwegians producers make is just brilliant. They call themselves an indie-electronic duo, which is fair enough, since they appear to be singing on some of their tracks. The rest of the time, you might confuse them for Daft Punk or one of those artists kids rave about these days, like MGMT or Phoenix. But better, because they’re not super famous (yet).

Their new EP, Relativity 3, which follows Relativity 2 and Relativity 1 (all these years studying math finally paid off!) came out some hours ago and it’s as good as the last two. It’s available for streaming on Soundcloud over here. After listening to it a few times though, here’s my favorite song from the EP, Iron Pyrite (the chorus at 1:30 is just so delicious it’s crazy):



And if that got you interested, I strongly suggest you go and listen to Relativity 2, because it’s still awesome and available on Soundcloud:



Also take a minute to listen to the Uppermost remix of the song Appreciate at the end of the Relativity 2 EP, especially if you’re into slightly more powerful house music. And it’s on free download! As a friend of mine used to say, who doesn’t love free stuff?


Buy the EP on: Amazon | iTunes!

Knightlife – Crusader

If I talked to you about Knightlife, you might be confused, thinking I meant something else, presumably the word nightlife. When it’s written down however, you might mistake it for an Arthurian fantasy novel by Peter David from 1987, perhaps. But no, I would definitely be talking about Knightlife (in one word), the Australian producer from Melbourne. I’ve listened to as much of his material as I could find, but the greatest track by far (or at least my favorite) remains Crusader. It’s just awesome, and definitly deserves the the space music tag on noisnoise.



Find more of Knightlife‘s music on his Soundcloud, if you dare.


Buy the song on Amazon: Knightlife – Crusader

Or on iTunes: Knightlife – II

Jimi Hendrix – Hear My Train A Comin’

If you’re familiar with Jimi Hendrix, you might know that every few years a new album comes out with previously unreleased songs; however, most of it is simply unheard or remastered versions of tunes that many fans already heard on bootleg or live albums. Hence why so many people will tell you that Hendrix’ survivors are just milking all they can out of the name of one of the greatest guitarists ever, and why you shouldn’t buy such albums.


That being said, whether you disagree or just don’t care about such a practice (or even think it’s a brilliant commercial technique and are all for that sort of stuff), it’s always interesting to listen to new versions of old songs, especially when we’re talking about a guy who improvised so much in his playing. Compare the new version of Hear My Train A Comin’ that you can hear on Rolling Stone’s website, which will be featured on the soon to be released People, Hell and Angels on March 5th, to the acoustic version that’s been around Youtube for a while now:



And to the much more similar (but way longer) version from another posthumous compilation, Blues:



If you’re interested in learning more about the new album, I strongly advise you to read this article which talks about the supposedly new tracks, and where you might have heard them before. And if you like to be frustrated, read about the holy grail of unreleased Jimi Hendrix music, Black Gold, on Wikipedia.