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Alan Braxe – Moments In Time EP (Free Download)

Oh boy, I love Alan Braxe. Well, I love him with Fred Falke, because they’ve made great songs together. On his own, I haven’t heard much of his music; but here’s the time to change that, since he just released a free EP on the internets entitled Moments in Time, available over here. You’re gonna have to give your email address though, so to make sure you wanna do that, here’s a good song from the EP:



Delicious. Also listen to Le Crayon‘s remix of Time Machine on this very EP, great stuff.

Knightlife – Crusader

If I talked to you about Knightlife, you might be confused, thinking I meant something else, presumably the word nightlife. When it’s written down however, you might mistake it for an Arthurian fantasy novel by Peter David from 1987, perhaps. But no, I would definitely be talking about Knightlife (in one word), the Australian producer from Melbourne. I’ve listened to as much of his material as I could find, but the greatest track by far (or at least my favorite) remains Crusader. It’s just awesome, and definitly deserves the the space music tag on noisnoise.



Find more of Knightlife‘s music on his Soundcloud, if you dare.


Buy the song on Amazon: Knightlife – Crusader

Or on iTunes: Knightlife – II

Worship – Starcrash

Electronic music has brought us new genres, and one that I particularly dig is something I’d call Space music. Songs that, if (when) I one day have a spaceship, I’d just have to blast through the Noisnoise Enterprise’s speakers while speeding among the stars. Starcrash by Worship is one of those songs, and it smells like beautiful forgotten disco music.



Worship is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and if you want to listen to more of his material, his Soundcloud is probably a good place to start.

Download this song for free on: Soundcloud
Buy The Dome EP on Amazon: Worship – The Dome