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The Bandana Splits – Sometimes

I first heard this song at the end of an episode of Bored to Death (Gumball!, s03e02), and I just had to go and get that track in order to listen to it for hours on end, because it’s so brilliant. The show, meanwhile, has been cancelled because the world is a cruel place – but hey, they’re making a movie, so that’s nice.
The Bandana Splits are an all women trio from Brooklyn, but even though their name is a mix of the words Banana Split and Bandana, I haven’t spotted them wearing ice cream on their heads – yet. Their music, featuring a lot of harmonies, ukulele and soft electric guitar, is reminiscent of the fifties and sixties, and bands like The Andrews Sisters. Be careful however not to get too nostalgic about that time while you listen to their sweet music – remember, there was no internet back then. Also it was pretty racist.
Of the three women, Annie Nero, Lauren Balthrop and Dawn Landes, you may have stumbled upon songs from the latter, who’s a pretty great singer-songwriter definitely worth checking out.



Their first album, Mr. Sam Presents, was produced by Sam Cohen from the band Apollo Sunshine, who gave his name to the album, and it’s full of stuff like that. And if you’re still hungry for more after that, you can go and listen to their great cover of You Don’t Have To Be a Baby to Cry by The Caravelles (here’s the original).


Buy it on Amazon: Mister Sam Presents – The Bandana Splits