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Jimi Hendrix – Hear My Train A Comin’

If you’re familiar with Jimi Hendrix, you might know that every few years a new album comes out with previously unreleased songs; however, most of it is simply unheard or remastered versions of tunes that many fans already heard on bootleg or live albums. Hence why so many people will tell you that Hendrix’ survivors are just milking all they can out of the name of one of the greatest guitarists ever, and why you shouldn’t buy such albums.


That being said, whether you disagree or just don’t care about such a practice (or even think it’s a brilliant commercial technique and are all for that sort of stuff), it’s always interesting to listen to new versions of old songs, especially when we’re talking about a guy who improvised so much in his playing. Compare the new version of Hear My Train A Comin’ that you can hear on Rolling Stone’s website, which will be featured on the soon to be released People, Hell and Angels on March 5th, to the acoustic version that’s been around Youtube for a while now:



And to the much more similar (but way longer) version from another posthumous compilation, Blues:



If you’re interested in learning more about the new album, I strongly advise you to read this article which talks about the supposedly new tracks, and where you might have heard them before. And if you like to be frustrated, read about the holy grail of unreleased Jimi Hendrix music, Black Gold, on Wikipedia.

Jack White – Machine Gun Silhouette

You may have heard Jack White‘s first solo album, Blunderbuss, but what you probably missed was a track called Machine Gun Silhouette, which only appeared on the Japanese version of the album, for some reason – and the Love Interruption EP, which got much less publicity than the actual album. And guess what? The song’s great. The interaction of the fiddle, piano and electric guitar (I especially like the lick at 0:27) is what really sells the tune.



Buy it on Amazon: Jack White – Machine Gun Silhouette

Brother Dege – Too Old To Die Young (With Tab)

Tarantino really has a knack for finding good music to put in his movies – or maybe he has people who do that for him (he probably doesn’t); if you read this, Quentin, my body is ready for that job. Anyway, one song that really stuck with me from Django Unchained was Too Old to Die Young by Brother Dege (aka Dege Legg – he says it’s pronounced Deej Leg). It features some heavy slide guitar, Mississippi Delta style, and slide guitar is way cool, man. The whole album (entitled Folk Songs of the American Longhair) has a really nice old southern blues vibe to it, which is emphasized by the simplicity of the production: it mostly features Dege singing and playing his Dobro guitar, and keeping rythm with a bass drum – or at least I think he does it with his foot.


Dege allegedly recorded the demos for his album in a backyard shed in Louisiana, which is a nice change from the serial murdering that usually goes on in those sorts of places. He even put a few demos on his soundcloud, like this one.



If you’re a guitarist and are looking to play the song, here’s a link to the tab that Dege kindly put on his blog, along with the lyrics. The song is in open E (EBEG#BE) but he plays it with a capo on the third fret, which makes it in open G. And of course, you’re gonna need a slide, or a bottleneck, or any kind of metallic tube, like Robocop’s penis.

Buy it on Amazon: Brother Dege – Folk Songs of the American Longhair