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Skeewiff – Electro Swing & Gospel Breaks

Lastfm has been recommending Skeewiff to me for years, and I’ve only now decide to look into their (Alex Rizzo and Elliot Ireland’s) music. And about time! Their Soundcloud is full of amazing stuff, and the album Electro Swing & Gospel Breaks in particular is worth your time:



You might notice that the songs are tagged not only as Skeewiff , but as them and another artist. In most cases, one could say Skeewiff are more producers than remixers, as the songs remain often close to the originals. A great way to discover old classics!


You can buy the album on Juno and iTunes, or browse more music by Skeewiff on Amazon!

Parov Stelar Trio – The Invisible Girl – Album Teaser

The king of electroswing is back! Well, he’ll be in about ten days (22/03/2012 according to the internet), but you can listen to the teaser to Parov Stelar‘s new album below. I usually feel frustrated by teasers (which I guess is kind of the point), but this one lasts almost 15 minutes so we’ll make due:



You might have noticed that the name of the band is now Parov Stelar Trio (it used to be just Parov Stelar), which is an interesting addition; it shows how much the collaboration with his live artists (Jerry di Monza and Max the Sax) has become important over the years. Good on Marcus Füreder (Parov‘s real name), because his supporting band is really dynamite live and they deserve our looove.


(Pre) Buy the album on: iTunes or Amazon