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BadBoE – Pump Up The Funk

In my mind, I pronounced BadBoE like badboy, since the E is capitalized. But after listening to his album and all the featuring artists calling him “badbo”, I guess I was wrong. Why capitalize it then? I guess we’ll never know. Anyways, BadBoE‘s new album, Pump Up The Funk, has been out for a few months and it’s really found a sweet spot in my heart; call it funky breakbeat or nu-funk, it’s full of old school samples that will inevitably grow on you with each listen. If you’re in a hurry, you can give a listen to the 7 minutes preview of his album on Youtube, which should give you an idea if you’ll dig the whole thing or not. I couldn’t choose a favorite from the album (Hit It Maestro is definitely up there though, because it smells so much like electroswing), so I uploaded a song which wasn’t on Youtube and am putting it here in order to shamelessly get more views on my account:


Oh, and if this tickles your fancy, check out the album launch mix on mixcloud from BadBoE, which alternates between classics and songs from the album, a great way to discover other artists of the same type.

Be way cool and buy Pump Up The Funk on Amazon or on iTunes!

Sinkane – Jeeper Creeper

Sinkane is kind of a band. I say kind of, because Ahmed Gallab, the frontman, plays most of the instruments on the album, but needs some help when he’s not playing with himself: that’s when Jason Trammell, Mikey Freedom Hart and Mike Montgomery come into action. The result of some of that action is damn good music, if I may say so myself. Which is not that much of a surprise, since the man has played (drummed) for Of Montreal, Caribou, Born Ruffians, Yeasayer, and a few more, so he definitely knows what he’s doing.

Jeeper Creeper is one of those songs which evokes so many different genres that it’s hard to define, and that’s definitely part of the appeal here. Its hypnotic funky bass contrasts with the African beat and spacey synth effects – and the electric guitar on top of all of that adds the final psychedelic touch. As for the lyrics, you try to guess what they mean – if you think that’s even necessary.



Sinake‘s album, Mars, is out now, and it’s definitely on my neverending to-listen-playlist.

Buy the album on Amazon: Sinkane – Mars
Buy the album on iTunes: Sinkane – Mars