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8 Great Youtube Channels For Learning Guitar

If you play the guitar, you probably already know the power of Youtube to teach you stuff for free (and in the comfort of your poorly ventilated computer room). I’m gonna assume that you already know about the big two: Marty “Hey Marty Schwartz here” Schwartz and Justin “Hey How’ya doin’ Justin here” Sandercoe, and if you don’t, I definitely recommend you check out most of the stuff Justin’s done, because he’s probably the best guitar teacher on Youtube right now: nice, precise, super positive, the whole shebang.

Creative Guitar Studio

Andrew Wasson, the guy giving the lessons on the channel of Creative Guitar Studio is another one of those soft-spoken teachers who just know their stuff. His lessons cover so many different topics it’s crazy; no tutorials on songs, but a ton of theory and technique, which is great if you’re trying to get your playing from intermediate to advanced level. Most of the time you can skip the intro where he simply reads and answers a question from a viewer (the text is always in the description for the song), and get right on the actual teaching.




Don’t be fooled by the incredibly common name of this channel: Carl Brown, the guy giving the lessons, is an amazing guitarist and his lessons are incredibly thorough. Where most teaching channels just cover the main parts of songs, the guy explains pretty much every single note, solos often included, which explains why they are so long. He also uses two cameras, which helps if you’re struggling with the picking hand as it often happens. And if that weren’t enough, he also performs the songs in their entirety, and they’re quite enjoyable for themselves.
If you’re looking for theory lessons, he’s got another channel dedicated to them over here.



Cifra Club

Now bear with me a minute: sure, this channel’s in Portuguese. Sure, you (probably) don’t speak the language. Nevertheless, you don’t really need to understand anything those guys say, because they provide precise tabs for pretty much every note in the songs they teach. The real awesome feature here is that they first play the song entirely with close-ups, lyrics and chords, which is perfect if you just wanna check out a few details of a song (and see if their version sounds right). You might also notice that most of the top voted comments on Youtube are English speaking humans who agree that the channel is great, even though they don’t understand a word of Portuguese, which is a testament to the quality of their videos.




You need to fulfill one of two requirements to care about this channel: already be kind of a decent guitar player, and like Tenacious D. If you fulfill both, it’s perfect for you: Kage and Kones (the two guitarists from the band, basically) go through many of their most famous songs and give little nuggets of information that any fan can appreciate. If you’re not that proficient with your guitar, you might not get as much from the channel, as they pretty much never explain tedious things like strumming patterns or picking techniques for instance. Sure, they’ll play the parts slightly slower than the album version and explain the chords, but that’s about it: hence the need to be good enough to get it from short demonstrations. That being said, the videos are funny and entertaining and are worth a watch, if only for the raunchy humor of Kyle Grass.



Warren Music

Just like with Guitarings, this is a channel that you’ll be interested in if you wanna learn songs from a specific artist: in this case, Radiohead (and a few Thom Yorke songs in the mix). Not only are the lessons stunningly accurate (which is quite impressive considering the complexity of some Radiohead material), Warren knows his stuff and often explains the theory behind the music, which is something that’s often essential but missing from other channels. He also does the best covers of the band to go along with the tutorials, so check those out as well.




All riiiight! You can’t help but love PapaStache, the guy’s just so cool and passionate. He teaches mostly old goodies (Hendrix, Zeppelin, etc.) which is perfect if you don’t know what to play but know it must have stood the test of time. His Youtube channels are kind of confusing though, but from what I understand he’s got this one dedicated to songs and that one to theory, but then he’s got this other one and… Well, I guess it’s better to have many channels than none at all.




Oooh, because Tone Doctor! I just got that! Anyway, tonedr is a very soft-spoken guy, and what else to say except that he’s a great guitar player, his tutorials are thorough and you can just see he knows his stuff? He mostly explains old rock songs, although there’s some jazz or classical and technical tutorials in there as well – he even plays the mandolin! His channel is also definitely a good place to find great songs that you may never have heard of.




PrivetTricker is so active it’s crazy. He started in July 2009, and at the time I’m writing this, he’s had more than 1500 videos uploaded already. Some of them tutorials, some of them simply featuring him playing over songs. He’s not the most technical guitarist, but very often he’ll be the only one with a decent tutorial on Youtube, especially when it comes to classic rock. He figures songs on his own and by ear, and listening to him explain how he thinks this or that makes sense is also quite interesting, especially if you’re trying to train your transcribing skills. Moreover, he’s not trying to get you to sign up for anything or buy anything: you can just the guy does it because he likes to play and teach the guitar, and that’s it.



There’s probably a lot more channels I haven’t talked about, simply because I haven’t found out about them, or they haven’t struck me as being as good as those above. You might also notice that most of these teach rock / hard rock songs or general theory. If you have any channels you’d like to share, the comment section is there for you!