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John Paul Jones & Paul Gilbert – Going To California (Led Zeppelin Cover)

Can’t help listening to this cover (can you really call it a cover if one of the musicians was in the band who wrote the song?) of Going to California (from Led Zeppelin obviously) by John Paul Jones (bassist, keyboard player, mandolin player, etc. of Led Zep) and Paul Gilbert (who for once in his life plays a guitar slowly):



I’m not sure if I actually prefer this version to the original; this one is less melancholic, the mandolin occupies most of the space and reinforces the bluegrass (and I’m not just saying that, JPJ has been playing and producing with bluegrass bands lately) feel to the song. And if you’re looking for something heavier, might I suggest this cover of Nobody’s Fault But Mine, another Zeppelin classic? Ah, and I noticed that the whole concert is up on youtube, and it’s definitely worth it. I just discovered Gettin’ Betta by Pat Travers which has one of the best riffs I had never heard of.

I don’t expect you to buy it, but here’s a link to the album on Amazon anyway!