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One Self – Bluebird

I’m always amazed at my ability to miss songs, especially when it’s been years after they’ve come out. Logically, I should have heard the next one before, since the album it’s from was out in 2005 and it’s gotten quite the views on Youtube, but I haven’t – until yesterday, that is. One Self (not to be confused with Oneself) are signed on Ninja Tune, a label that never ceases to surprise me, and I actually had heard DJ Vadim before, one of the guys behind the band. Anyway, here’s a… classic, I guess? that you also might have missed:



I found the track thanks to Boycom (I wrote something about him over there) and his All Of These People Are Awesome Mix, which I highly recommend. The rest of Children of Possibility (the album where you can find Bluebird) is decent, but I’d rather listen to this song for an hour instead of the album, so I can’t say I really recommend it. One Self have a Soundcloud if you want to explore their sound further, though.

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BadBoE – Pump Up The Funk

In my mind, I pronounced BadBoE like badboy, since the E is capitalized. But after listening to his album and all the featuring artists calling him “badbo”, I guess I was wrong. Why capitalize it then? I guess we’ll never know. Anyways, BadBoE‘s new album, Pump Up The Funk, has been out for a few months and it’s really found a sweet spot in my heart; call it funky breakbeat or nu-funk, it’s full of old school samples that will inevitably grow on you with each listen. If you’re in a hurry, you can give a listen to the 7 minutes preview of his album on Youtube, which should give you an idea if you’ll dig the whole thing or not. I couldn’t choose a favorite from the album (Hit It Maestro is definitely up there though, because it smells so much like electroswing), so I uploaded a song which wasn’t on Youtube and am putting it here in order to shamelessly get more views on my account:


Oh, and if this tickles your fancy, check out the album launch mix on mixcloud from BadBoE, which alternates between classics and songs from the album, a great way to discover other artists of the same type.

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Boycom – Who Needs ‘Em Anyway + (Almost Certainly Not) The Avalanches – New Track (From Four Years Ago)

This next song I found in strange circumstances. You see, some years ago somebody uploaded a song on Youtube supposedly from The Avalanches, one of the greatest bands that ever existed. If you haven’t heard of them, do yourself a favor and listen to Since I Left You, the whole album is on Youtube (it might not make an incredible impression on you at first, but I promise that every time you come back to it you’ll enjoy it some more). Anyway, the song below is certainly not from The Avalanches: they’ve never talked about it on their website (which is “taking a break” for the time being) and the upload never made much of a fuss:



That being said, if you’re a fan of The Avalanches, you might be intrigued by the above song, since it sounds very much like our beloved Australian group – because, well, it sounds good. Some parts don’t add up though (apart from the whole “not uploaded by them” thing): the most obvious being the very repetitive use of samples, since they usually mix them up and one song by The Avalanches can feature quite a lot of changes in pace and ambiance – which is not the case here. I’ve tried to gather as much info on the subject as I could, but the most logical explanation I can come up with is that the uploader, Boycom, is probably the author of the song. He even has a soundcloud! And… another one? And according to his Twitter he’s now named Almighty Planets – and isn’t alone on the stage? Oh boy. Well, nevertheless, this next song by him / them is good enough:



If you liked this, I recommend you listen to his track Kinda Crazy; as well as Let’s Do Lunch featured below (which is on free download), because it’s a hip-hop song about taking a lady to lunch and paying for it. When are you gonna hear something like that ever again?



And finally, if you’re a huge Avalanches fan, you can listen to those 51 seconds of music I stumbled upon that are probably from them, since this is a promotional video for Nevereverland, a festival organized by Modular Records where The Avalanches are signed. Also this new song from the next album – aaand the Sleepy Bedtime Mix on their official channel if you have somehow missed those. So much stuff to listen to!


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