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Pilotpriest – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Pilotpriest has some awesome artwork to illustrate his albums – as awesome as his music, in fact. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is a 25 tracks album (more than two hours!), and like most good space music produced today, it sounds like something from another time, a time when synthesizers were the new cool thing to play, and when electronic music didn’t even know it existed yet.



Original Motion Picture Soundtrack evokes old science fiction movies on VHS tapes – perhaps unsurprisingly, Body Double, the first tune of the album, was once mistaken for a new Daft Punk track, back when the Tron Legacy’s OST was the hot topic of the day. All in all, the album’s dark tone is somewhat contrasted by the presence of a few songs that could almost be called disco music, keeping the whole thing interesting from beginning to end. Oh, and I really love The Canyons, a bonus track that starts like a clich√© disco songs but evolves into something much more intense. This particular song reminds me of Ulrich Schnauss, a dude you should all know about.


You can buy Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on Bandcamp for less than a dollar! Awesome beans!

Knightlife – Crusader

If I talked to you about Knightlife, you might be confused, thinking I meant something else, presumably the word nightlife. When it’s written down however, you might mistake it for an Arthurian fantasy novel by Peter David from 1987, perhaps. But no, I would definitely be talking about Knightlife (in one word), the Australian producer from Melbourne. I’ve listened to as much of his material as I could find, but the greatest track by far (or at least my favorite) remains Crusader. It’s just awesome, and definitly deserves the the space music tag on noisnoise.



Find more of Knightlife‘s music on his Soundcloud, if you dare.


Buy the song on Amazon: Knightlife – Crusader

Or on iTunes: Knightlife – II

Sinkane – Jeeper Creeper

Sinkane is kind of a band. I say kind of, because Ahmed Gallab, the frontman, plays most of the instruments on the album, but needs some help when he’s not playing with himself: that’s when Jason Trammell, Mikey Freedom Hart and Mike Montgomery come into action. The result of some of that action is damn good music, if I may say so myself. Which is not that much of a surprise, since the man has played (drummed) for Of Montreal, Caribou, Born Ruffians, Yeasayer, and a few more, so he definitely knows what he’s doing.

Jeeper Creeper is one of those songs which evokes so many different genres that it’s hard to define, and that’s definitely part of the appeal here. Its hypnotic funky bass contrasts with the African beat and spacey synth effects – and the electric guitar on top of all of that adds the final psychedelic touch. As for the lyrics, you try to guess what they mean – if you think that’s even necessary.



Sinake‘s album, Mars, is out now, and it’s definitely on my neverending to-listen-playlist.

Buy the album on Amazon: Sinkane – Mars
Buy the album on iTunes: Sinkane – Mars

Pyramid – Black Road

Hey, here’s a good song: Black Road by Pyramid, aka Etienne Copin, a French producer coming from Lyon who shows promise. You can definitely feel the influence of bands like Boards of Canada – for the dark yet uplifting sound – or Justice, for the groovy bassline.


The synth that comes on at around 0:55 followed by the bass (twenty seconds later) are when things really get heavy, so stick around until then before going back to watching porn – or whatever it is that you were doing before listening to this.


Find an interview of Pyramid on Rolling Tuff, along with a link to download the song – you can also get it from the French blog Stop the Noise.

Buy Pyramid’s Rising Day EP on Amazon: Pyramid – Rising Day EP

Worship – Starcrash

Electronic music has brought us new genres, and one that I particularly dig is something I’d call Space music. Songs that, if (when) I one day have a spaceship, I’d just have to blast through the Noisnoise Enterprise’s speakers while speeding among the stars. Starcrash by Worship is one of those songs, and it smells like beautiful forgotten disco music.



Worship is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and if you want to listen to more of his material, his Soundcloud is probably a good place to start.

Download this song for free on: Soundcloud
Buy The Dome EP on Amazon: Worship – The Dome