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William Shatner & Lemon Jelly – Together

The British duo Lemon Jelly haven’t produced anything in years: technically, they’ve been on hiatus since 2008. But as a fan, you get by how you can, which sometimes means having to look in unexpected places for rare tracks. Hence why we’re talking today about Together, a song whose lyrics are originally written and read by William Shatner on his second album, Has Been, but whose real appeal is the background music, coming, you guessed it, from Lemon Jelly. To Shatner‘s credit, his voice really fits the music (or is it the other way around?), and the lyrics, co-written by his wife, are ambiguous enough to be qualified as poetry.



Interestingly enough, Shatner would later be featured on a Lemon Jelly song, Go, from their brilliant ’64-’95 album. On both songs, the same artists, but each time you’d never know if you didn’t make some sort of internet research.

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