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Django Django – Default Tab

The only other tab for Default by Django Django I could find online was rubbish, so I decided to write my own!
First things first, you’ll need to tune down your guitar one half step, to D#G#C#F#A#d#. The main riff is played with a power chord on the second fret, which makes it an F chord because we’re down half a step. Then lift off your index finger and put it back on three times to get the main idea of the riff (you can’t hear the last lift of the finger on the record very well, but he clearly does it in the live versions). You could also play the chord as a full barre chord (244322), it doesn’t change much since the emphasis must be put on the lowest strings.



You don’t necessarily have to play the two X’s I put in the tab (muted strings), but I found myself playing them to keep rythm. For the strumming, I wrote it above the tab (d = down and u = up). It’s kind of important to start the third chord with an up stroke, to keep the rythm of the song going. And if you want to play the riff perfectly right you’re gonna have to lift off your fingers for a very short time to stop the ringing of the chords on the first chord and the one before last.


Once you get the main riff down, the rest of the song should be easy to figure out: the first part of the song where they sing “Default” is simply the same F chord (first one of the riff, 2244322, don’t forget we’re half a step down) played six times off beat (that can be confusing); then same as the riff, end on the 577655 on the beat this time; then repeat the whole thing.

Finally, pretty much every time after the chorus (where he sings on the riff), he goes to a D# (played like your regular E : 022100) for a few bars, then a C (x46664) and then F (again, same as the riff, 2244322).


I hope that was clear enough, don’t hesitate to post a comment if you have any problems with it!


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